From Fringe 2018

2201: A Sex Odyssey

The Thing Is… Productions—The Cinematheque

Polished in his delivery, Will Glenn tells a good tale.

Sorry, that’s the only good thing I have to say about this show. The ludicrous premise (not in a good way) drags to its eventual conclusion, which the dialogue forecasts right from the start. There’s no thrill, excitement or twist to the plot, resulting in an insipid battle to stay awake.

Ray Yuen

From Fringe 2018

The Thing Is… Productions

2201: A Sex Odyssey—The Cinematheque

I thought after doing the beer show for 2 years in Winnipeg, it was time to take more of a risk! With the help of many collaborators over the past year, we bring you this new work: a dramatic fictional storytelling show set in the probable future when AI sex robots try to take over the world, featuring a special guest star. Will we survive?!