Your Princess is in Another Castle
Written & Performed by Wes Babcock & Nancy Kenny
Down the Well Productions - Halifax, NS
V.4 - Pantages Mainstage 
Princess Polly loses the popular vote for Miss Leader of the Free World to a department store mannequin. A Prince Charming type has it all figured out; he knows he can save you, if only you would listen to him. In this dark comedy of errors, Polly learns what it takes to change the world and it's less funny than she thought. A brand new show from the creative team that brought you Roller Derby Saved My Soul (Patrons' Pick, 2014 Winnipeg Fringe) and Everybody Dies in December (Best Drama, 2016 Atlantic Fringe).

Nancy Kenny & Wes Babcock

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Coarse language
Thu July 20 1:45 PM
Sun July 23 12:00 PM
Mon July 24 10:15 PM
Wed July 26 2:00 PM
Thu July 27 7:15 PM
Sat July 29 12:00 PM
Sun July 30 5:30 PM

Your Princess is in Another Castle

Down the Well Productions—Pantages Mainstage

Here’s a social and political statement that covers many aspects, from feminism to environment, to the decline of the bees, to the absurdity of political system. In a succinct phrase,

“The world is shit.”

There’s a lot of truth to thus show, probably more than many want to admit to. As a feminist and environmentalist, I’m on board 100%. The question is: is there any redemption? Are we too far gone to come back? If you can’t beat’em, join ’em? See the show to find out!

Statements aside, I would love, love, love to put on the F-U tirade Polly gave to my former employers! I bet many of you can relate to that sentiment!

Ray Yuen

Down the Well Productions

Your Princess is in Another Castle—Pantages Mainstage

#YPANIC is something completely different:

It’s the satire Melissa McCarthy wishes she’d written, this hilarious 2-hander – with department store mannequins – “embodies the spirit of the Fringe” (sounds messy, TheatreInLondon; don’t get that on your clothes), promising just the right mix of absolute irreverence and absolute reverence. Princess Polly will not be stopped as she overcomes the potent array of mannequinsplaining that lies between her and the Princess-Presidency. Definitely bring your kids if they already know how to curse. #SideBoobPolly