Waiting For Trudeau
by Raphael Saray
The Miracle Violence Connection - Flin Flon, MB
V.8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre 
You are no doubt tired of Godot constantly standing you up. So The Miracle Violence Connection invites you to their fifth Fringe Fest outing - Waiting For Trudeau. Scoffing at theatre that takes itself too seriously, we dare you to see an original work that is full-fledged Fringe. A production that satirizes our culture, our ideals and ourselves. Go on a ludicrous adventure full of assassins, pogs, trolls and whatever else may turn up. Will a certain Canadian icon arrive...and does it matter? See the show to find out!

Show Info:
45 Mins
Tickets: $10

Warnings:Mild language, sexual content
Wed July 19 8:00 PM
Fri July 21 1:30 PM
Sun July 23 10:15 PM
Tue July 25 7:00 PM
Thu July 27 12:00 PM
Fri July 28 9:00 PM
Sat July 29 5:00 PM

Waiting For Trudeau

The Miracle Violence Connection—Rachel Browne Theatre

There were competent actors on stage but they were never there long enough to flesh out their characters. They dashed on and off, never weaving a cohesive production. This left me disappointed and perplexed. As I overheard two other patrons commenting on leaving the show,”There were some clever lines. But what was the point?”. My thoughts exactly. Don’t waste your time.

Lisa Campbell