Today, For Now
Written and Performed by Valerie Cotic & Jeff Leard
new best friend - Vancouver, BC
V.9 - School of Contemporary Dancers 
The bad news? We’re going extinct. The good news? It wasn’t our fault.
The end is coming. We can’t stop it but before that, we’ve got to live with it. What would we do with our time if there were only 14 more sunrises? Tear ourselves apart? File that report that’s due Friday? Finally send that text to our attractive cousin?
An apocalyptic comedy about everything but the end of the world by Valerie Cotic (Mars 5 STARS - Edmonton Journal) and Jeff Leard (The Jupiter Rebellion 5 STARS - Edmonton Sun).

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12


Parental Guidance
Warnings: Coarse Language, Sexual Content
Wed July 18 8:15 PM
Fri July 20 12:00 PM
Sat July 21 6:45 PM
Sun July 22 7:30 PM
Mon July 23 12:00 PM
Wed July 25 5:00 PM
Fri July 27 9:00 PM
Sun July 29 3:30 PM

Today, For Now

new best friend—School of Contemporary Dancers

This play is a lot of things: fast, furious, frantic, frenzied, frenetic, feverish—the only thing it’s not is funny.

Ray Yuen