The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over
Written & Performed by Gemma Wilcox
Gemma Wilcox - London, UK
V.21 - MTYP - Mainstage 
19-TIME BEST OF FEST winner Gemma Wilcox returns with her 2007 SOLD-OUT show! Wilcox transforms seamlessly between 20 CHARACTERS in this humorous and poignant tale of love and letting go. From the creator/performer of hit shows Shadows in Bloom, Magical Mystery Detour and 52 Pick-Up.

5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press, CBC
5 STARS - "Run to see her...A bolt of pure energy" - Edmonton Journal
5 STARS - "Scintillating, jaw-dropping, top-notch theatre" - Victoria Colonist
"Sexy, sharp and seamless" - NOW Toronto

Gemma Wilcox

Show Info:
75 Mins
Tickets: $12

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Coarse language, sexual content
Wed July 19 8:00 PM
Thu July 20 8:15 PM
Fri July 21 11:00 PM
Sat July 22 7:45 PM
Sun July 23 8:00 PM
Mon July 24 9:45 PM
Tue July 25 5:45 PM
Wed July 26 8:00 PM
Thu July 27 9:45 PM
Fri July 28 7:30 PM
Sat July 29 9:15 PM
Sun July 30 4:30 PM

The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over

Gemma Wilcox—MTYP – Mainstage

Gemma, a past Fringe favorite of mine hasn’t been here for a few years, so I jumped at the chance to see her again. This is a solo show, done by a true professional. Her lithe, dancers body propels her through various characters, not limited to humans. She can beautifully portray fire (very impressive) and her animal impersonations are particularly entertaining. Her impression of a chicken laying an egg was a standout; charming and hilarious. Her main theme involves the changing relationship of a woman named Sondra(?). She is building on this story, with other chapters to be performed in the future and at other Fringes. My standard of a good actor is the clear definition of each character; where you are never confused as to whom is speaking. She achieves this perfectly. Each character is distinct, with her facial expressions, voice and movement transforming her into each unique persona with ease. This is a worthwhile play to take in, though I have to say it didn’t grab me in the gut, or make me care about the character the way past performances have. I would love to see her play off another actor as she has in the past.

With all the top quality shows at MTYP, including Rob Gee (don’t miss!) and Mike Delamont, it’s best just to park yourself here and be thoroughly entertained for a day or evening.

Lisa Campbell