by White Collar Crimes
White Collar Crimes - Portland, OR
V.8 - The Rachel Browne Theatre 
Two-time Best of Fest winners Walter and Bruce return! From the duo that brought you Perpetual Wednesday comes a new absurd comedy. Our heroes, isolated from The Outside, cling to their own sanity by a thread. But what happens when a mysterious crack appears in their wall? Take a peek through their crack into the hilarious beyond. It's Stranger Things meets the two burglars from Home Alone.

4 STARS -"This duo brims with potent chemistry; a piston-pumping energy and precise laser-like comic timing." - CBC

Anthony Arnista

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Mild language
Thu July 20 1:45 PM
Fri July 21 10:00 PM
Sat July 22 7:30 PM
Mon July 24 5:45 PM
Tue July 25 1:45 PM
Wed July 26 12:00 PM
Fri July 28 10:30 PM
Sat July 29 6:30 PM


White Collar Crimes—Rachel Browne Theatre

This mime/clown/puppet show follows our two nerdy and crazy heroes Bruce and Walter as they wait out the Apocalypse. I don’t know how the two actors are still standing with the amount of abuse and physical gags they put their bodies through. If you love clown or mime you will love this show. I laughed a lot at just how ridiculous the whole thing was. It was absurdist theater and very meta with the fourth wall being broken every 10 minutes. I probably would have shortened the scenes though. Near the end of the play I was more than ready for it to be over. They seemed to lose steam as the play went on. I also didn’t like how loud some of the sounds were. The tone that was played through the show tended to hurt my ears. Quirky and off the wall, if you want to see something entirely different from traditional theatre this is for you.

Kaitlyn Kriss