Shadows in Bloom
Written & Performed by Gemma Wilcox
Gemma Wilcox - London, UK
V.21 - MTYP - Mainstage 
20-TIME BEST OF FEST winner returns with her 2008 SOLD-OUT hit show!

From the creator of The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over, Magical Mystery Detour and 52 Pick Up.


Wilcox transforms seamlessly from male to female, from kid to crustacean, from flora to fauna in her most compelling tale yet.

5 STARS "Run to see her...A bolt of pure energy” - Edmonton Journal
5 STARS "Scintillating, jaw-dropping, top-notch theatre" - Victoria Colonist
5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press & CBC

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12


Parental Guidance
Warnings: Mild Language
Wed July 18 10:00 PM
Thu July 19 8:45 PM
Fri July 20 9:45 PM
Sat July 21 7:45 PM
Sun July 22 9:45 PM
Mon July 23 7:00 PM
Tue July 24 6:15 PM
Wed July 25 9:45 PM
Thu July 26 6:15 PM
Fri July 27 8:00 PM

Shadows in Bloom

Gemma Wilcox—MTYP – Mainstage

When people ask me what to see I always recommend this British standard. She superbly represents the classic one woman stage act. She is always dressed totally in black, to best put the emphasis on her movements and characters, not herself. This enchanting actress sticks to telling a story through her wonderful distinct characters and nimble body movements. She brings to life a roster of characters; from the insightful old neighbor lady, to the befuddled, somewhat brutish new man she has uprooted her life to follow. And yes, even her houseplants have roles, which I found particularly charming.

This is part six of the continuing story of Sandra; totally relatable character. A thirty five year old, divorced, childless woman facing a crisis of wanting a family; who is just now facing the realization that, again, she has chosen the wrong man. Gemma has the true talent of pulling you into caring and sharing the joy and heartbreak Sandra is living. If you want to see some real theatre and leave satisfied, this show is it. I cannot wait to see the next chapter in Sandra’s journey!

Lisa Campbell