Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever.
Written & Performed by Paco Erhard
Paco Erhard - Berlin, Germany
V.10 - Planetarium 
Paco Erhard is German but he has other problems too.
After his 2016 sell-out hit 5-Step Guide to Being German, Paco takes the logical next step: Saving the world.
After all, he's from a country that just underwent an image change from "probably Nazis" to "beacon of the free world". So time to act accordingly, say what's what, stop the madness, get it all back on track and answer the question: How to be happy in a world we know is essentially f**ked.
How hard can it be?
4.5 STARS "political, smutty and genius" - The Advertiser

Show Info:
75 Mins
Tickets: $12

Warnings:Coarse language, sexual content
Fri July 21 10:30 PM
Sat July 22 5:30 PM
Mon July 24 3:30 PM
Tue July 25 7:15 PM
Wed July 26 1:45 PM
Thu July 27 3:30 PM
Sat July 29 9:00 PM
Sun July 30 5:00 PM

Paco Erhard: Worst. German. Ever.

Paco Erhard—Planetarium

If you saw his sold out show last year, never fear, this is brand new. With his quirky observations of people all over the world, he somehow manages to bring them back to one thing: being German. The strange and irrational views of those he encounters on his many travels give him more material and endless amusement than he can cram into an hour. Next year. He pretends to be unprepared but his show is smooth and polished, warm and folksy, with an ability to poke fun at himself and his native land. He has created a loyal following, as most were there after loving his show last year. If he keeps totally changing it up as he has, he will keep them coming back for more. His act doesn’t depend on being German, but on being funny, and that he most certainly is. Longest line I’ve seen this year and deservedly so. Way to go,  Paco!

Lisa Campbell