Nothing In Particular
Written & Performed by Benji Rothman
Benji Rothman Comedy - Winnipeg, MB
V.3 - Pantages Studio 
Forget everything you thought you knew about theatre. Okay, now go back and just remember the good parts. And now just the parts that made you laugh. 'K, now forget the ones that made you laugh just because everyone else was laughing. Now remember the moments that made you go "hmm". Now remember what kind of "hmm" that was. Was it a puzzled "hmm?" or one that made you look within and question your world view. It really doesn't matter 'cause I changed my mind, forget that too. What you're left with is Nothing In Particular.

Benji Rothman

Show Info:
45 Mins
Tickets: $10

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Coarse language
Thu July 20 10:15 PM
Sat July 22 3:15 PM
Sun July 23 7:00 PM
Mon July 24 5:15 PM
Tue July 25 12:15 PM
Wed July 26 4:00 PM
Thu July 27 8:00 PM

Nothing In Particular

Benji Rothman Comedy—Pantages Studio

This review goes out in honour of Walter.

From the Fringe programme write-up, you have no idea what to expect. Now, after seeing the show, and rereading the description, I still scratch my head. If want to be surprised about what to expect, now’s a good time to stop reading. Oh, one last comment before you stop, it’s an excellent show!

As you enter, the door-person hands you a clicker, which you use to vote during the show. I’m not convinced that the technology actually works, or if it’s part of the gag to make the audience think that it has a say. If it’s a dummy, the gadget sure looks genuine.

This is essentially a Saturday Night Live type variety show, featuring some stand-up, some skits and some “not-sure-what-to-call-its.” The acts range from big grin amusing to wide-open mouth laughs, evoking a standing ovation from most of the house.

This show features multiple guests actors from other Fringe shows, some performing excerpts from their own shows. I’m not sure if this is a regular lineup or if Rothman has a rotation of guest stars (or if some shows have no guest stars at all). Between the variability between the voting widget and the guest appearances, there’s potential that there could be a different show every time.

Most of the Fringe ultra-popular shows have a lot of buzz before the Fringe even starts (6 Guitars, 2 for Tea, for example). This one flies so far under the radar, no one in my (rather large) Fringe circle knew anything about it. Based on tonight’s reaction, word-of-mouth may spread quickly about this show. Get in while you can—it’s one of my favourite of the Fringe so far.

Ray Yuen