I 'Effed' Up and I'm Sorry
by Neil Reimer & Amy Couldwell
Angry Productions - Winnipeg, MB
V.27 - Dragon Arts Collective 
I 'Effed' Up and I'm Sorry is a comedy about anger management, and how people deal with mistakes. It's set in a classroom and everyone in the audience is a student. At least one member of the audience will get on stage, so don't be surprised if the person sitting next to you is a part of the show. The 'class' will be taught by the world famous teacher Dr. Daniel Miyagi, who's down on his luck since he got caught on video in an ugly road rage incident.

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $10


Warnings: Coarse Language
Thu July 19 4:30 PM
Fri July 20 10:15 PM
Sat July 21 6:45 PM
Sun July 22 6:45 PM
Mon July 23 3:00 PM
Tue July 24 8:00 PM
Wed July 25 9:45 PM
Thu July 26 4:45 PM
Fri July 27 8:15 PM
Sat July 28 8:00 PM
Sun July 29 1:00 PM

I ‘Effed’ Up and I’m Sorry

Angry Productions—Dragon Arts Collective

This show sucks.

Oops, I didn’t mean that. I effed-up and I’m sorry.

You try to help people by conducting an anger management course. The most annoying people in the world end up in your class. All you want to do is bash their heads in. Hilarity ensues.

Then the plot turns…

I laughed uncontrollably for 45 minutes—then I stopped. You’ll have to see the show to see why.

Ray Yuen