Hyena Subpoena
Written & Performed by Cat Kidd
Cat Kidd - Montreal, QC
V.13 - School of Contemporary Dancers 
Mona Morse travels through South Africa and through time.
A multimedia meditation on predator and prey, and the creatures within.
Nominated for prizes by the League of Canadian Poets, Quebec Writers' Federation and Expozine.
"There is no one phrase to describe what Cat Kidd does except, perhaps, force of nature." - Charlebois Post
"One of Canada's most talented wordsmiths." - Broken Pencil
"Our city's newest superstar." - Montreal Gazette

Cat Kidd

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Mild language, sexual content
Thu July 20 4:15 PM
Fri July 21 9:15 PM
Sat July 22 5:45 PM
Mon July 24 12:00 PM
Tue July 25 9:45 PM
Thu July 27 2:30 PM
Fri July 28 1:45 PM
Sun July 30 7:45 PM

Hyena Subpoena

Cat Kidd—School of Contemporary Dancers

A few other people had mentioned this show to me and I am glad they did. This spoken word performance by Montreal’s Cat Kidd was a real treat. She tells six tales in rhyme which have a root in the animals of Africa, but as she moves through the stories she starts to relate the challenges of survival that the animals face to the challenges of youth for some young women. Each story is very well crafted and the turns of phrase are brilliant. The staging was wonderful using only a few simple items such as a tent and a cloth to serve as screens for the projected images of the animals and the titles of the tales/poems. The background soundscapes by Jacky Murda also set the mood perfectly.

Murray Hunter