Forget Me Not - The Alzheimer's Whodunnit
Written & Performed by Rob Gee
Rob Gee - Leicester, UK
V.21 - MTYP - Mainstage 
Jim's wife, a patient on a dementia ward, has died from what looks like natural causes. Jim is a retired police detective and he smells a rat. He's determined to solve one last murder. The problem is he also has dementia. It's a case worthy of the greatest detective mind, but his will have to do.
5 STARS "Smart, witty, and razor-sharp" - CBC

5 STARS "A one-man triumph" - Winnipeg Free Press

5 STARS "Hilarious and heartbreaking" - Victoria Times Colonist

Created by comic, poet and psychiatric nurse Rob Gee.

Rob Gee

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Mild language
Thu July 20 10:00 PM
Fri July 21 7:45 PM
Sat July 22 11:00 PM
Sun July 23 6:15 PM
Mon July 24 6:15 PM
Tue July 25 7:30 PM
Wed July 26 9:45 PM
Thu July 27 6:15 PM
Fri July 28 9:15 PM
Sat July 29 11:00 PM
Sun July 30 8:00 PM

Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit

Rob Gee—MTYP – Mainstage

Fringe favorite Mr. Gee is back again to play to his loyal fans. We fell in love with his sizable talent many years ago and have been back every year since. Relying on his experiences of many years working in the healthcare field, he brings us a humorous mystery that takes place in a care unit for Alzheimer’s patients. He is performing his wonderful book of the same title. The tale is told through the voices of the various residents, staff and loved ones; some of whom exit in a decidedly sinister way. Rob’s long, lanky rubber body is perfectly suited to express the tiniest characteristics of the cast of characters. His empathy and understanding of the unfortunate situations Alzheimer’s and old age thrust you into, make you only hope you and yours encounter caregivers with such heart and insight. Yet he manages to show the humour that can be found in this life, if you are open to it. The writing is sublime, which makes for a most enjoyable show. The tale ends with a delicious twist, where the underdog has the last laugh.

An aside, a seniors group in Winnipeg borrowed his play and ran it for three sold out shows and is honouring him with a lunch and video of the production. He is now ‘a proper playwright’ and is thrilled. Buy the book, available after the show, for a great read you can pass on to the mystery lovers in the family. I did. Thanks again Rob!

Lisa Campbell