Filter This
by Craig Terlson
It's All Relative Productions - Winnipeg, MB
V.7 - The Cinematheque 
Olivia and Dan come from two different worlds. Olivia lives on social media, documenting every moment of her life. Dan lives without a cell phone or anything that distracts him from being present. A chance meeting at a park has the two wondering if they could live in each other's world and find a deeper connection. Along for the ride is their friend the meme, who tweets, snaps and Instagrams their lives.
Filter This is a comedy that asks, do opposites attract? And if so, must they tweet about it?

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $10

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Mild language
Thu July 20 9:00 PM
Fri July 21 12:00 PM
Sat July 22 11:00 PM
Mon July 24 9:00 PM
Wed July 26 7:15 PM
Thu July 27 12:00 PM
Sat July 29 5:30 PM
Sun July 30 3:45 PM

Filter This

It’s All Relative Productions—Cinematheque

This was a fun romantic comedy playing on the differences between a guy who doesn’t use social media or own a cell phone (Jesse Nobess) and a girl who is constantly Tweeting, Texting and posting her way through life (Reba Terlson). One of the really interesting parts of the play is the two main characters are joined by Sam McLean who acts as a live action version of Terlson’s smartphone. He makes sound effects and performs physical expressions for her swiping, texting, posting, commenting, picture and selfie taking. Between scenes he becomes physical manifestations of some popular internet memes.

The prospective couple tries to spend a date in each other’s world, and the two dates are jump-cut together with good effect. All in all a good story with a lot of humour and timely subject matter.

Murray Hunter

It’s All Relative Productions

Filter This—Cinematheque

Do you love social media? Do you hate it? Does your phone have a life of its own?

Filter This is a comedy where two people see if they can live in each other’s world. Olivia is über plugged into Social Media and Dan, well, he likes pens and scribblers. The Meme is their constant companion… tweeting, texting, and binging into their lives. Can opposites attract? And if so, do they have to tweet about it?