Dr. Caligari’s Cabaret of Luck

Midnight Cabaret—WECC – Ventura Hall

Editor’s Note: The Cabaret was on Wednesday Night at Midnight and is an annual tradition. The last couple of years it has been at the WECC.

A good time was had by all as the traditional Midnight Cabaret stared in its relatively new WECC venue. This is a traditional fundraiser put on by the performers with the profits going to Harvest and the Fringe volunteer program. The actors plan and work on skits and songs for the fans and their own entertainment. The WECC is spacious, with multiple levels to utilize, so we never know where the next act will pop up. It’s traditional to light the action with flashlights held by the audience. This year was a riot. It was amazing to see just how much popcorn can stick to a person covered from head to toe in lube. They are also hard to catch. This is a good chance to see your favorite actors doing something different with an ensemble. We need more of you to attend this great event as it was only half full. The show was one of the best in some time.

Lisa Campbell