Comedy is Funny Again
Written & Performed by Stephen Sim & Caity Curtis
The Probable Cast - Winnipeg, MB
V.4 - Pantages Mainstage 
Stephen and Caity revive the golden age of comedy.
"In addition to reviving classic bits by the likes of Abbott and Costello and Nichols and May, Curtis and Sim riff on the dynamics of those teams with improv that proves the crack timing and rapid-fire verbal one-upmanship isn't just an influence on them, it's also their own achievement." - CBC Manitoba
"The duo do break out an improv. They're so sufficiently adept they'd make you think it was scripted..." - Winnipeg Free Press

Stephen Sim and Caity Curtis

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $10

Parental Guidance
Warnings:Mild language
Thu July 20 5:30 PM
Fri July 21 5:15 PM
Sat July 22 10:45 PM
Mon July 24 3:15 PM
Tue July 25 11:00 PM
Thu July 27 1:45 PM
Fri July 28 7:00 PM
Sun July 30 12:00 PM

Comedy is Funny Again

The Probable Cast—Pantages Mainstage

Vaudeville is back in style for one hour at the Pantages. Caity Curtis and Stephen Sim are back with a brand new show. This one focuses solely on classic skits that bring to mind Abbott and Costello. Both hold their own and had an equal amount of laughter throughout the show. Various incidences in the show I attended showed just how quick witted the two are. Their improv skills were certainly put to the test by the weird suggestions of the audience. They still made it work and proved how inherently funny they both are. A wonderful show you can bring the whole family to. Well done again!

Kaitlyn Kriss