Bushtits, Shih Tzus and Private Dicks: All’s Fur in Love and Noir
Written & Performed by Trevor Matheson & Melissa Dorsey
Theatrically Obsessed - Calgary, AB
V.2 - MTC Up the Alley 
Les, a social recluse, buys the iconic fedora worn by famed 1950s movie detective Dana Andrews. When he launches an investigation into a series of suspicious pet deaths around his apartment building, the lines between reality and film noir begin to blur.
Dial P for Pet Detective and “Say goodbye to my furry friend” as two actors and seven crazy characters take you on a thrill ride through a madcap caper of stylistic fantasy with bust-a-kneecap laughs. All’s fur in love and noir.

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12


Warnings: Strobe Lights, Cartoonish violence
Thu July 19 10:45 PM
Fri July 20 5:30 PM
Sun July 22 3:45 PM
Mon July 23 3:30 PM
Wed July 25 7:30 PM
Thu July 26 1:45 PM
Fri July 27 12:00 PM
Sat July 28 9:00 PM

Bushtits, Shih Tzus and Private Dicks: All’s Fur in Love and Noir

Theatrically Obsessed—MTC Up the Alley

Frenzied and frantic, this satiric “who done it” romp searches for the culprit that’s been murdering the neighbourhood pets. In the meantime, a dozen suspects parade the stage. Things happen much too
quickly for you to think about clues and looking for a solution so just sit back and enjoy the fun.

With boundless energy, the actors juggle roles, props and asides to deliver the plot. With solid acting and good delivery, you walk away with some laughs, some groans and a big smile because you just had a
good time.

Ray Yuen