Big Shot
Written & Performed by Jon Lachlan Stewart
Surreal SoReal Theatre - Montreal, QC
V.10 - Planetarium Auditorium 
A boy on the Vancouver SkyTrain witnesses a shocking event and is here to piece it together for you, in the style of his favourite action movies. Weaving the lives of six characters into a shocking final picture, Big Shot is the portrait of a tragic event, seen through the beaming imagination of a dreaming child. Big Shot ran to sold-out houses and won Best of Fest in 2011.

4.5 STARS “a bravura work” - Winnipeg Free Press
NNNN - Now Magazine, Toronto

Show Info:
75 Mins
Tickets: $12


Parental Guidance
Warnings: Mild Language
Thu July 19 9:00 PM
Sat July 21 6:30 PM
Sun July 22 10:30 PM
Mon July 23 5:15 PM
Tue July 24 1:45 PM
Wed July 25 3:15 PM
Fri July 27 10:00 PM

Big Shot

Surreal SoReal Theatre—Planetarium Auditorium

This is a remount from 2011, and as such, is well rehearsed and seamlessly and thoughtfully presented by Montreal’s Jon Lachlan Stewart. The characters are well defined, varied and each have an important part to play in the weaving of this tragic tale. If you are up for an intriguing, thoughtful, superbly performed piece of theatre, take this in.

This runs 75 minutes, though you wouldn’t know it, as Jon keeps you well entertained from start to finish. He’s not selling out yet, and this Venue is large, so may I suggest if you want to see something good that you and your friends actually have a chance of getting tickets for, this is it.

Lisa Campbell

Big Shot

Surreal SoReal Theatre—Planetarium Auditorium

We all want something unexpected to happen, because isn’t that what we remember the most? Haven’t you wondered what like would be life if you were in a movie? Moments that move slower than reality, frozen in a frame and in that moment, the audience sees and feels the exact same thing.

John Lachlan Stewart sweeps us into his storytelling as we meet a small cast of characters including a recovering heroin addict, an elder Japanese gentleman, a policeman, a young woman, a hot-shot movie buff, and a young boy who dreams of life being more like an action movie.

What seems at first to be separate storylines, each with a complex and interesting plot, start to take the shape of something bigger as the characters’ lives connect. With captivating stage presence, Stewart brings these characters to life and all the moving pieces slowly start to create the big picture. Their lives converge on the Vancouver SkyTrain as the puzzle pieces fall into place. I sat breathless on the edge of my seat with my heart racing, and the unexpected is exactly what we get.

I don’t want to give away the plot much because this show is a brilliant roller coaster and all I can think of is just WOW. Well done sir. Catching a tragedy isn’t something I do often at Fringe but this was intense. And extremely well executed. I am very impressed and very happy I chose to check out this production!

Calantha Jensen