Ain’t True & Uncle False

Paul Strickland Presents—School of Contemporary Dancers

Paul has become a Winnipeg favorite. As he walks among the crowds, you hears cries from patrons yelling out how much they loved his previous shows and how wonderful he is. And they are right. Both he, and his partner in life and theatre, Erika MacDonald (in the excellent Evacuated!), always bring quality work. Their shows should not be missed.

Patrons underestimate the effect an audience has on a show, and tonight’s late crowd was rather subdued. Each line has punch and his stories of life in the trailer park are ably accompanied by his clever guitar ditties. He needed more appreciation for the excellent work he was putting our way. I will never miss a chance to see him . I am looking forward to next year’s installment of the continuing saga of the carefully crafted characters that populate his mobile town, ‘Tales Too Tall for Trailers’. I can’t wait.

Lisa Campbell