A Woman of a Certain Age™

Archetype Productions—Planetarium

I’m getting to love this gal. Whatever she does is worth seeing, well thought out and expertly done. Her plays are believable, astute in portraying the way real people think, feel and behave. Being of that ‘certain age’, the play seemed especially made for me. Her performance is warm, funny and has great insight into the cruelty of the march of time, especially for women. I’m not going to divulge the plot. Just trust me that you will thoroughly enjoy the hour, well spent with Wendy and be eagerly awaiting her next production. Brava!

Lisa Campbell

Archetype Productions

A Woman of a Certain Age™—Planetarium

The ladies of “A Woman of a Certain Age” deal with grey divorce, acting-out teenagers, aging parents, disappointing marriages and betrayal by body and mind, fighting the effects of time and a culture that treats them as invisible. A story about more than hot flashes and saggy bits, exploring what real women in midlife and beyond experience (a frequent comment -and my biggest compliment- is “how did you know about my life?”) There’s lots of laughter too ‘cuz, let’s face it, you gotta’ have a sense of humour about getting older!