A Sad-Ass Cabaret
Written & Performed by TJ Dawe & Lindsay Robertson
TJ Dawe - Vancouver, BC
V.27 - Dragon Arts Collective 
Fringe mainstay TJ Dawe talks, singer/songwriter Lindsay Robertson plays music and sings, as they explore the stories and songs of musicians who’ve turned the trauma and pain of their lives into beauty.

Learn about Hank Williams, Judy Garland, Sufjan Stevens and others in this intimate hybrid performance piece which shows why we’re drawn to sad-ass, tear-jerking, gut-wrenching, redemptive, cathartic music.

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12


Parental Guidance
Warnings: Coarse Language
Wed July 18 6:00 PM
Thu July 19 8:00 PM
Mon July 23 4:45 PM
Tue July 24 4:30 PM
Wed July 25 8:00 PM
Thu July 26 3:00 PM
Fri July 27 10:00 PM
Sat July 28 6:15 PM

A Sad-Ass Cabaret

TJ Dawe—Dragon Arts Collective

Based on the name and the write-up, I expected an array of boohoos but many of the stories aren’t sad at all. They’re sometimes feisty, sometimes angry, but always spirited. Veteran Fringer Dawe delivers the tales while each bio has accompanying songs. There are some problems with the singing falling off key but they still manage to achieve a mood of melancholy.

I am curious about the red lighting throughout the show. Normally, red associates with anger and blue connotes sadness. I would rather see the blue since the continuous red cut through my eyes like lasers into my brain. Sorry but I had to put on sunglasses 10 minutes in, which helped a bit.

Ray Yuen

A Sad-Ass Cabaret

TJ Dawe—Dragon Arts Collective

TJ hooks up with singer Lindsay Robertson to tell versions of well, sad songs by sad artists. He tells the woes of Hank Williams and Judy Garland, to name a few entertainers who have horrible and sad life stories. Lindsay sings the songs with a beautiful voice and strumming guitar to poignantly spell out the sadness and pain these artist wrote about. TJ elegantly tells the stories in his wonderful style as Lindsay compliments with song. Nice to see TJ play off someone, which lead me to this show.

Kevin Campbell