A Fatal Step
Written & Performed by Jill Vice
Jill Vice - San Francisco, CA
V.5 - Son of Warehouse 
BEST OF FEST winner Jill Vice returns with a one-woman noir that ain't just black & white. Tonight, she's got it all figured out. A silk nightie, candles and that perfume that drives him wild. Our femme fatale is poised on her chaise lounge primed for seduction, but Frank…he just walks on by. Something is terribly wrong! Has his career in podiatry lost its footing? Sometimes a dame has to take matters into her own hands, but good intentions can lead to…MURDER. "An impressive array of body language and vocal talent" - Huffington Post

Show Info:
60 Mins
Tickets: $12

Warnings:Mild language, gunshots
Wed July 19 10:00 PM
Fri July 21 3:30 PM
Sat July 22 8:45 PM
Mon July 24 1:45 PM
Tue July 25 7:00 PM
Wed July 26 12:15 PM
Thu July 27 12:00 PM
Fri July 28 5:15 PM
Sat July 29 10:30 PM

A Fatal Step

Jill Vice—Son of Warehouse

Jill Vice takes on seven separate characters in order to weave this entertaining story. Using a combination of different voices and impressive body language, she is able to keep each character distinct and moves from character to character seemingly effortlessly.

I would not call this story “heavyweight”. There really are not any burning questions to sort out, or monumental judgements to be made. Sometimes it is enough to just sit back and be entertained, and Ms. Vice delivers.

The script is well crafted, witty, nuanced and fun, and meaty enough to avoid being just plain silly.

There is a bit of a dark underbelly to this show, but I won’t spoil it by explaining any further. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Michelle Cook